Constancy of Purpose Process (Strategic Planning) Workbook
ISBN: 0-9669057-4-1

This methodology for constancy of Purpose was developed with Scherkenbach’s work over the past twenty-nine years, most of which he was privileged to spend in close association with Dr. Deming. It details what Scherkenbach considers to be the important questions that you must ask if you are to establish an aim for your organization. Without an aim or vision, improvement efforts will only add to the confusion and the cost. Aristotle said that you can change things only if they lie steady under your hand. This CPP provides that “eye in the hurricane” of your world. To get the most lasting benefit from this Workbook, it should take about six months for you and your leadership team to complete it. The time you spend on this, with the assistance of someone with Profound Knowledge, will be the best investment you can make to improve your future competitiveness.


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