Deming: Best Efforts Are Not Enough

ISBN: 1-56713-188-3

This is a story about a moment in time when two former students Bill Scherkenbach and David J. Henderson come together for the first time in the hometown of Dr. W. Edwards Deming, to honor their deceased professor and tell the local community who he was, what he had to say that was so significant it would have a direct effect on millions of individuals worldwide during his lifetime, and why his teachings will continually effect future generations to come.

Through the eyes of William Scherkenbach and Dr. David Henderson you can attend this interactive symposium yourself on this CD-Rom and understand what Dr. Deming meant when he said "management is a process, with the output quality when providing goods and services." Discover an extraordinary man whose methods changed the economy of Japan. Without a doubt, you will value your journey to be informative, enlightening, educational, and entertaining. Experience for yourself the profound effect his wisdom will have on you - in your workplace and personal life.
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