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The aim of this DVD-ROM is to help you make a Breakthrough Performance in your life by assessing where you are physically, logically, and emotionally so that you might better communicate with and learn from others who are in different states of physical, logical, and emotional development.

NOW - here is a self-help product with substance. This revolutionary methodology has only been available through Bill Scherkenbach's seminars to his private clients. The fee for these two day seminars is $10,000. This is an unprecedented opportunity to really improve your skills, knowledge, and spirit on your own schedule and for a small fraction of what it would cost for a live seminar.

Special price for DVD-ROM! $30.

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This Windows 98/NT DVD-ROM includes so much content that it would take 5 CD-ROMs to show it all:

Bill Scherkenbach's Complete Seminar on Breakthrough Performance
including videos, animations, and audio... twenty-three questions that will change your life

A virtual conference with other attendees of the Breakthrough Performance Seminar to see and hear how they answered the 23 questions

The virtual edition of "Deming's Road to Continual Improvement" including video, animation, and audio of Dr. Deming and Professor Scherkenbach

An audio-annotated bibliography on Change and Breakthrough Performance with reviews by Professor Scherkenbach and Dr. David Henderson

A list of websites that will provide you with the latest information on personal and organizational improvement

Interactive videos in a Virtual Environment that include the Breakthrough Performance recommendations of Dr. W. Edwards Deming; David J. Henderson, Ph.D.; Denham Harmon, M.D.; Fredrick C. Hatfield, Ph.D.; Aaron Mattes; Brian Councilman; Karen Smyers; Bella Weinberg, A.E.A.; Richard Rafoth, M.D.

Complete virtual edition of Scherkenbach's "Continual Improvement Workbook" in printable .pdf format

Complete virtual edition of Scherkenbach's "Constancy of Purpose Workbook" in printable .pdf format

Complete virtual edition of Scherkenbach's "Quarterly Quality Checkup Workbook" in printable .pdf format

Over 200 still pictures and audio quotes from Dr. Deming

QTVR main conference center with 9 QTVR interconnected specialized Breakthrough rooms:
Science Lab: Deming's famous funnel experiment
Art Gallery: Gallery of retrospective works of Bella Weinburg
Creative room: Two computerized tools for Breakthrough Creativity
Kitchen: Recipes for smoothies, herbal dishes, wellness tips from Dr. Denham Harmon and Dr. David Henderson
Gym: Aerobic, anaerobic, flexibility methods from Karen Smyers, Dr. Richard Rafoth, Dr. Fred Hatfield, Aaron Mattes, and Brian Councilman
Psychology office: How to help people be important as individuals and as members of groups
Profound Knowledge room: Deming's famous Red Bead experiment
Puzzle room: Deductive, Inductive, and Retroductive puzzles
Chapel: Your link to a greater good

Three, easy to follow improvement cycles for your Skills, Knowledge, and Spirit

Your personalized Breakthrough Performance Workbook with weekly planners and monthly summaries

And as a special bonus, the virtual edition of Scherkenbach's best-selling "The Deming Route To Quality and Productivity" in .pdf format

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