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Dr. DemingDr. Deming used to tell a story about Sir Ronald Fisher when he taught at University College of Oxford. If you could give Fisher a grade as a teacher it would be zero. He would make mistakes at the blackboard. the room was poorly lit. It was cold and damp. Why, then, was the theater always packed beyond capacity when Fisher taught? Because there were enough people interested in what a great mind was thinking. What were the questions that Fisher considered important? How was he approaching the answers? I think that is why the room was full every time Dr. Deming took the stage. people want to know what great minds are thinking.

I will use this page to let people know what I am currently thinking. Not that I am a great mind, but I get around and have a chance to learn from some great people. If you engage my questions below we will get a chance to see what your great mind is thinking.

I have developed a list of about 100 questions that I consider very helpful for personal and organizational improvement.  Here are a few of them.  fill in your answers to begin the process.

1.  Think of a time when you were a part of an organization that really made you proud to belong. (My definition of proud is that the hair on the back of your neck stands up when you think about the organization.) What do you think was happening there to evoke those feelings?

2.  What might you do to redesign your current organization so that people are proud to belong to it?

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