Strategic Planning That Works

PURPOSE: This 2-day seminar will provide you with a better understanding of how quality methods can lead to more effective and actionable Strategic Plans.

FORMAT: The seminar includes individual and group exercises and conversations personally led by W. W. Scherkenbach. We use animations and graphics on laser disc as well as interactive a/v on CD-ROM.

PREPARATION: You should have completed my 2-day course on How to Lead Major Change or its equivalent. You should be able to use and in fact have used the 7 basic quality tools.


Day 1

1AM1 Change. We will learn how to use a proven approach to individual and organizational change. You will identify what your preferred mode of change is as well as the mode of one of your important customers so that you might better communicate and start the transformation process.


1AM2 Beginning to make the Transformation. Theory without action is useless; action without theory is costly. I have developed an approach to management that balances theory with action, short-term with long-term, individual with team. I explain how to achieve this balance by taking you through the highlights of my two workbooks on change: Constancy of Purpose Process and Continual Improvement Process.


1PM1 Values and Aims. The essence of Constancy of Purpose(CPP) is "Quality is made at the Top". Values are inward looking. We will answer questions that will uncover your intrinsic values. The aim of the organization is outward looking. We will answer questions that involve customers and suppliers, your community, and other constituencies.


1PM2 CPS and Key Terms. A Constancy of Purpose Statement should be concise and compelling. Every word will weigh a ton. But some words in the CPS are key because they are particularly helpful in carrying out the plan. We will learn how to identify key terms.

Day 2

2AM1 Key Measures. One of the three types of key terms is a key measure. We will learn where measures come from and what is the preferred way to display them in order to take action.


2AM2 Key Measures. (continued) We will learn how to develop a set of interrelated measures to help you live your CPS.


2PM1 Link to Continual Improvement Projects. A Strategic Plan is a plan to close a Strategic Gap. Strategic measures will have Strategic Gaps between the Voice of the Customer and the Voice of the Process. You must identify and allocate resources for the improvement efforts of many interrelated Strategic Gaps.


2PM2 CPS - Strategic Plan Deployment. Words and phrases will reach only so many people. I will introduce you to a creative approach that should be integrated into your strategic planning process to provide the resources necessary to back up the words with action.


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