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Bill Scherkenbach


It takes time to learn. It takes time to unlearn. Some of the things that we were carefully taught are just not so.
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Bill Scherkenbach


Our seminars will provide you with a better understanding of how to improve yourself and your organization by quantum leaps.
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Bill Scherkenbach


Learn Deming’s 14 Points, analysis, and explanations based on years of study with Dr. Deming. Based on his positions…
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“[Mr Scherkenbach] was my student, and there’s none better in the world… It takes a little ingredient called profound knowledge, and he’s got it.”

– W. Edwards Deming

What Our Customers Say

“You are regarded as one of the top consultants in quality management in America and you certainly exceeded our expectations. My only regret is that our time was far too short.”

Bill A. Jackson, Vice President, Bechtel, Inc.

“Your book and your talk have helped me to gain a deeper understanding of change”.

Steve Zablinski, Senior Vice President, Transamerica Insurance Group

“It was easy to see, as evidenced by the 700 people in attendance, that America is starting to listen to the teachings and philosophies of Bill Scherkenbach…”

John Petree, Sara Lee Knit Products

Your presentation has certainly set the stage in our quest to implement quality management. My staff and I thoroughly enjoyed your highly informative briefing.

Jose Bolton, Sr., Commandant, DEOMI

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About Bill Scherkenbach

Mr. Scherkenbach is recognized as one of the world’s foremost authorities on the subject of Quality and its implementation.

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