Quarterly Quality Check-Up

PURPOSE: To provide executive leadership with real-time, ongoing guidance in the management of your organization from a world-renowned management consultant.

FORMAT: Quality is made at the top. It is the quality of the decisions that senior managers make that impacts the prosperity of the organization. W W Scherkenbach will meet with executive leadership one day per quarter, preferably during regularly scheduled executive committee meetings or board meetings to help them improve the quality of their decisions. We will use as a guide Scherkenbach's Quarterly Quality Checkup Workbook.

PREPARATION: This service is designed to help those already participating in an organization-wide Six Sigma process and thus also appreciate the difficulty and the magnitude of the endeavor. Your current process should be focused on your customers and supported by a value-based constancy of purpose and continual improvement of everything you do.


Dr. Deming was particularly effective when he attended operational and strategic meetings of his clients.  He would listen to the discussions and comment and question where he deemed appropriate. He brought to the table knowledge that the executive team did not have.  His questions were based on proven theory applied to his clients actual situations.  Many executives learned more in these sessions than they did in the classroom.  They also recognized that no matter how learned they were, and no matter how many sessions they had with Dr. Deming, they almost always learned something new and useful.

I had the privilege of attending over a thousand such meetings with Dr. Deming and I learned a lot from them.  I have applied this learning quite successfully with my clients.  As Dr. Deming did, I spend two to three days per month with key leaders of my clients to help them improve.  I would like to reach more leaders, but time prohibits reaching any more at that intensive level.  I have noticed however, that many organizations are well on their way in their Quality journey.  And yet they could use some independent expert guidance.

I have developed a list of questions and corresponding measures that reflect an enlightened application of Dr. Deming's philosophy by everyday executives.  I have framed these questions using Baldrige Award Criteria for greater connectivity to virtually any process that you use.

This is a long-term opportunity for organizations serious about continual improvement.


Please contact Bill Scherkenbach to schedule this Quarterly Quality Checkup.

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