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The Power of Profound Knowledge

PURPOSE: To provide you with a better understanding of Profound Knowledge as Dr. Deming had proposed it and I have expanded it.

FORMAT: The seminar includes lectures, computer simulations, group exercises and conversations personally led by W. W. Scherkenbach.

PREPARATION: This is my most advanced course and you should have attended all my other courses before you consider attending this one.  You should have read Dr. Deming's book The New Economics or my second book Deming's Road to Continual Improvement.  It also would be a good idea for you to have watched The Deming Library videotapes Volume XIX on Profound Knowledge.  


Day One

AM1 Introduction to Profound Knowledge. I present the system of profound knowledge as proposed by Dr. Deming. It consists of four elements: Appreciation of a System, Knowledge of Variation, Theory of Knowledge, and Psychology. I present a detailed framework from various bodies of knowledge to show the interdependence of all four elements.


AM2 Theory of Systems. Systems and Processes are synonymous. I present and compare the various views of systems theory from Zadeh, Bertanalffy, Kauffman, Ackoff, Senge, and Powers. I use "i Think" simulations to show the dynamics of positive and negative feedback loops.


PM1 Theory of Systems (continued). The class participates in an exercise on Systems thinking.


PM2 Theory of Variation. Variation is everywhere. I present the various views of variation from Deming, Wheeler, Scherkenbach, . I use animation and simulations to show the importance of prediction given knowledge of variation.

Day Two

AM1 Theory of Knowledge. "This should have been the most important course that you ever attended." I present the various views of epistemology from Peirce, Lewis, James, Bridgman, Kuhn, and Gilovich. I build on the theories of systems and variation to expand on previous epistemologies.


AM2 Theory of Knowledge (continued). The class will participate in an exercise on "How we know what isn't so."


PM1 Theory of Psychology. Everybody wants to feel important. I present the various views of psychology from Frankl, Ryan and Oestreich, McGregor, Watzlawick, Weakland and Fisch, and Tannen. I discuss actions that you might take on physical, logical, and emotional levels to help people feel important as an individual or as a part of a team. The class will participate in an exercise in the use of psychology.


PM2 Next steps and Questions. I again refer to the detailed network of interrelated elements of Profound Knowledge to summarize our learning. I then discuss reference material for your further study.

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