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Process Capability Simulation – $2
Cp Cpk DPPM simulation with movable Spec limits, Sigma, Mean. Great teaching aid. Requires Powerpoint and Flash

Successful 6 Sigma Stories – $2
I recently was in London at an international 6 Sigma Conference where I delivered the keynote on the first day. Read what I said.

20 Questions That Will Change Your Life – $2
Scientists have known for years that questions are more important than the answers. I ask these 20 questions in my “Breakthrough Performance Seminar” and I propose new ways to answer them. But these questions are so good that even without the seminar, you could improve your skills, knowledge, and motivation.

Strategic Planning That Works! – $2
This is a nine page PDF paper that outlines my quality approach to Strategic Planning. It follows the methodology in my Workbook “Constancy of Purpose Process” This paper is detailed enough to give you some great ideas on how to make planning actionable.

Statistical Methods You Can Use In This World – $2
This is a 20 page PDF paper that contains the 114 questions that Dr. Deming asked his graduate students at NYU. I got an A. How many can you answer?

How To Increase Your Costs – $2
Dr. Deming used to give talks with this title. He observed that people actually showed up! I gave a keynote address using this theme in London a few years back. You can download a PDF version of this landmark speech.

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